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Realistic FoodEs is a Blog to promote a Real Food lifestyle. Real Food is food closest to its natural form -- Unprocessed or minimally processed food that is sustainably farmed.

Want to make better decisions about food? Realistic FoodEs offers tools to help you do this. Tips, strategies, techniques, research, etc. that are the essential utensils for your Real Food Toolbox.

Start your Real Food journey now. Follow this Blog to learn how to eat more Real Food and less processed food, particularly ultra-processed junk (UPJ). Realistic FoodEs' Mission is to Empower people to find their BEST selves through Real Food!


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Spinach, Pasture-raised Chicken & Butternut Squash Soup. Now that's what I call a "Plate o' Real Food Tastiness"!

Spinach, Pasture-raised Chicken & Butternut Squash Soup. Now that's what I call a "Plate o' Real Food Tastiness"!

'Is this food healthy?' When making choices about food, we tend to focus on this question.  And of course, assessing the health benefits of food makes perfect sense when the goal is to live healthier.  So there's nothing wrong about this question. But it is difficult for most of us to answer with any definitiveness or authority. Even among medical professionals, food science experts, and health and wellness gurus, there is so much debate about what foods -- and diets for that matter -- are healthy (or not).

Start your Real Food journey, by asking better questions about food -- questions with answers most everyone can agree. And more importantly questions that you have the ability to answer: 'Is this food processed? And if so, how much processing is involved?'

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Realistic FoodEs offers a wholistic approach to understanding and connecting with food. An approach rooted in concepts of self-care and social responsibility where you can not only learn to Eat, Enjoy and Embrace Real Food, but also nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

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Fun Facts About Me

My name is Rowena Mahloch. I am married to a brilliantly, fabulous guy (Tim) who is salt of the earth, solid as a rock, and hands down the best taste tester ever! We go together like peas & carrots. And our lives have been nothing less than a crazy, amazing adventure. Living in Rochester, NY -- Philadelphia -- Baltimore -- Albuquerque -- San Diego -- Washington, D.C. Then finally settling in Lexington, KY in January, 2005.

We are the proud parents to our 4-legged Boys: Bexar, Mato & Nanuq. They are precious and sweet. And if you haven't guessed, Tim and these Boys are the heart and soul of my universe. And what makes life beautiful!

My favorite food is bacon! And I love practicing Yoga. In previous lives I've been a software engineer and a lawyer. Sidebar bonus fact -- I've taken 4 bar exams and was admitted to 5 states (MD, NM, CA, IL, and DC) before retiring my #2 pencils and resigning from practicing law.

Now I am a community advocate for social and economic justice. And with this posting, I'll be a blogger. WOW! Just need to let that thought marinate because it's overwhelming to think I am actually doing this.

I currently serve on the Boards of the local Community Action Council and the Human Rights Commission. I am also a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer -- where I give voice to children who are in the family court system because of abuse or neglect. I have also served as a volunteer crisis counselor for the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, and after a few years, transitioned to serve on its Board until December 2015.

In January 2011, Tim and I decided to eliminate processed food from our diet. Our motivation was to live healthier. But eventually we realized this was a new way of thinking about our food. Where our choices about food are not just about what we eat, but also a reflection of our values. So I am passionate about Real Food because this lifestyle has been a game changer.

And the threads of these delicious bits of my life are sewn into the fabric of the Realistic FoodEs concept. I started this Blog to inspire your Real Food journey. If you'd like to eat more Real Food and less processed food, then I want to help you make this happen!


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