Food Justice Fridays!

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Every other Friday at 10 am, my two passions collide -- Real Food & Social Justice! It's when I have the unique privilege of co-hosting Lexington Food Justice Radio on Lexington Community Radio. A perfect platform to advance My Mission of promoting a Real Food lifestyle.

We invite local food justice warriors to talk about the important work they do in the community to advance the ethos that access to healthy, nutritious food is a right!!

We've hosted farmers, food-justice non-profits, professors, restaurant owners, Real Food advocates, etc. And talked about topics ranging from sustainable farming to the importance of buying fair and direct trade coffee & chocolates to avoid contributing to child slave labor.

Voting with your food dollars is a recurring theme we discuss often too. So if you're ever interested in how to make better decisions about food. Ones that are not only nourishing to you mind & body. But also for your soul, your community and the world!

And just because we are located in Lexington, doesn't mean these themes won't resonate within your community too.

Lexington Community Radio is a low-power station with limited range. And sometimes you all are just busy at 10 am on Fridays. So we always upload our shows to Soundcloud for easy access.

Lexington Food Justice Radio: Fridays at 10 am ET, WLXU 93.9 FM

Outside the listening range? Stream Live at Lexington Community Radio

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I also review each podcast to create "Show Notes". With links to additional research or anything else we might discuss during the show. Here are all of my Blog postings with embedded podcasts. Have a listen & Enjoy!