Lexington Food Justice Podcast #9

KY Double Dollars

Two popular economic development Programs recently merged to expand its services and reach. Community Farm Alliance and Bluegrass Farm To Table partnered to create what is now KY Double Dollars. And currently offered in 22 counties. This Program:

  • Increases the buying power for KY families who lack reasonable access to fresh, healthy food;
  • Creates new income and customers for KY farmers who sell at participating locations; and
  • Boosts local economies with increased sales of KY grown and raised food.

WOW -- Now that's a Win - Win - Win!!

KY Double Dollars kicked off in early July. So we invited Becca Warta and Josh England to help our listeners understand the nuances and facets of this Program.

  • Becca is the KY Double Dollars Program and Marketing Director at Community Farm Alliance.
  • Josh is the Market Manager for Lexington Farmers Market. Which participates in KY Double Dollars. And lends his knowledge and experience to our discussion.

Listen to Our Podcast!

Here's a Recap

What an amazing and invigorating show!! Becca and Josh have so much energy and passion for this Program. Which was obvious in their ability to effectively communicate all the layers.

But because the impact of KY Double Dollars is so important. I don't want to oversimplify and jumble things. (As I did during the show -- OOPS!) So I won't use this space to process the show's content. (As I usually do.)

Instead, I encourage you to listen to this podcast again 😉 And/or Contact → Becca through the Community Farm Alliance for more information. Particularly if you --

  • Participate in SNAP, WIC or the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, or
  • Work with people who do, or
  • Work at a farmers market, Fresh Stop Market, or local grocery retailer and interested in offering the Program at your site.

Finally, here is a link to the episode of Hot Water Cornbread: Kentucky Food Radio that I mentioned.

  • The episode features Josh and Pam Miller, former Former Lexington Mayor and Founder of Lexington Farmers Market.
  • They discuss the history of the Market. And its importance and potential.
  • A fantastic and compelling listen!

Up Next (August 18th)

Thanks again to Becca Warta with Community Farm Alliance and Josh England with Lexington Farmers Market! And good luck with KY Double Dollars. We look forward to hosting you again for an update on the impact of this innovative Program.

Please tune in to our next show on August 18th, 10 - 11 am, 93.9 FM WLXU Lexington Community Radio.

Our guests will be Will Meuer owner of Wholesome Living Farm and Angie Quigley owner of For Pete's Sake Farm. We'll drill down to better understand the concept of sustainably-raised meat and produce. And explore the important relationships forged within our farming communities that practice these techniques.