Lexington Food Justice Radio #8

The Next Link in Food Chain's Vision

FoodChain is an innovative non-profit that operates an indoor aquaponics farm located in the heart of Lexington, KY. Aquaponics is a creative approach to sustainable agriculture, combining the technologies of aquaculture (farming fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) to make the most efficient system!

Given its unique location -- an industrial space (i.e., formerly the Rainbo Bread Factory) within a diverse residential neighborhood, FoodChain seeks to forge links between it community and fresh food through education and demonstration of sustainable food systems. And will soon be expanding its programming to include a Teaching and Processing Kitchen!

This new space is still under construction. But we invited Leandra Forman and Jimmy Earley to our show and give us an update about the progress. Leandra is the Processing Kitchen Manager and Jimmy is the Farm to Kitchen Coordinator (Between FoodChain and GleanKY). Both have traversed a varied and diverse path across the food justice terrain before landing at FoodChain. We were excited to hear about their stories and learn more about FoodChain.

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Here's a Recap

So much exciting news that Leandra and Jimmy shared with us. The potential for economic growth with the Processing Kitchen program can be a transformative marker for our community. And of course, FoodChain will continue to serve as a model for the urban farming industry with its indoor aquaponics system.

I have been a big fan of FoodChain since its inception. When it first opened, I toured the aquaponics farm and volunteered with the Cook.Eat.Grow program. I must admit, however, this interview really crystalized FoodChain's vision and mission for me. And I look forward to hearing about its continued progress once the Teaching and Processing Kitchen is finished.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit FoodChain's website. You can also Follow them on Facebook. And you can sample their farm produce and fish at Smithtown Seafood (located in the same building -- 501 West Sixth Street, Lexington, KY).

Up Next (August 4th)

Thanks again to Leandra Forman and Jimmy Earley of Food Chain! And good luck with the Processing and Teaching Kitchen. We look forward to hosting you again once the project is completed and the program is well on its way.

Please tune in to our next show on August 4th, 10 - 11 am, 93.9 FM WLXU Lexington Community Radio. This will be a LIVE broadcast as our guest will actually be joining us in the studio 😉

Becca Warta and Maggie Smith of Community Farm Alliance. Becca will discuss KY Double Dollars, an innovative program designed to help people with financial challenges afford more healthy KY Proud Products. And Maggie Smith will discuss the upcoming events surrounding National Farmer's Market Week (August 6-12). Josh England with Lexington Farmer's Market will also join us to provide a local perspective.