FFTF #15 - Lifelong Health Starts At the Liver

On Monday (February 6th), Tim & I are starting our 21-Day Sugar Detox. But some friends are currently on Day #3 of “sugar detox” mode.

During the first few days emotions can bounce through various feelings of "HERE I GO!" -- "Got This!" -- "Isn't so bad" -- "Will it get easier?" -- "Am I going to make it through?" And the physical effects of the detox may be minimal: headaches, mental fogginess, or hunger. All very normal range of feelings, both physical and emotional.

But Day #3 may be begin of some of the hardest days for my friends. As they may start feeling fatigue, cold & flu-like symptoms, low blood sugar, joint or muscle pain, changes in digestion, skin rashes, decreased appetite, and self-doubt.

So I am dedicating today’s Food For Thought Friday to them. And sure you’ll join me in supporting them and sending positive energy and thoughts their way!

Luckily for my friends, this period of discomfort is typically short-lived. And should dissipate as their livers "reset" to normal functioning.

The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body. Performs many critical functions and supports nearly every other organ. So a healthy liver is so very important to lifelong health. To be honest though, given its relative importance, it's a rather ugly looking thing.

Love Your Liver (and here's why)

The liver's main job is to filter blood coming from the digestive tract, before the blood passes to the rest of the body. So the liver detoxifies the blood of harmful substances like environmental chemicals, alcohol, drugs, and excess sugars.

The liver also stores sugar glucose. And converts "stored sugar" to "functional sugar" when the body's sugar glucose levels fall below normal.

So let's give it up for the liver 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Show it some respect. The liver may be ugly, but it is a good egg! And when the liver is functioning normally, the body feels good 'n healthy.

But when we eat bad stuff like ultra-processed junk, alcohol, or excessive sugars, the liver works overtime to detoxify the body as best it can. The liver can compensate when these indulges are occasional. But not when constantly binging.

Bottom-line a liver in continual overdrive, is simply not a healthy condition. Makes sense, right? And this is an important mental shift to make -- whether doing this detox or progressing on a Real Food journey at your own pace. Just remember these cute images of a healthy liver vs. a sick liver. And start internalizing the concept that "A Healthy Liver ==> A Healthy Life!"

Here's the Good News

By eliminating sugar and alcohol from our diets, we relieve the liver of the burden of detoxifying the excesses. Allowing the liver to focus -- rightly -- on working to release other toxic substances from the body's fat stores. Like toxins absorbed into our bodies via environmental factors.

Remember, it's not that we can never indulge. Nothing is wrong with celebration. But when it becomes commonplace. That's not good.

The 21DSD is a great way to cleanse -- Clean the slate & stop insulting our livers with ingested toxins. And during this time we (my friends and I) will focus on improving our Real Food life skills. So that in our post-detox lives, we'll be able to sustain these good, healthy eating practices.

Not ready for this detox? No worries. Keep progressing on your journey. The 21DSD and I will be here when you are ready 🤗😘😍

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