FFTF #16 - Buyer Beware of Enriched & Fortified

For this week's Food For Thought Friday -- Let's learn more about "enriched" and "fortified" foods. Sounds nutritiously enticing, right? And we're seeing these terms more and more on food packing.

But don't be fooled. "Enriched" and "fortified" signifies refined foods that have been stripped of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. And synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals added back during the refining process.

With enriched foods, nutrients that have been lost during the processing are added back. This is a common practice with breads and other grain-based products.

And with fortified foods, nutrients have been added to the foods during the processing. Regardless of whether these nutrients were present in the food before processing. You may have noticed a recent trend in foods with Omega-3 Fatty Acids added to them. Coming soon to a grocery shelf  near you 😝😛

So now you know -- despite the nutritious notions "enriched" and "fortified" foods seemingly project. This is just another marketing & advertising gimmick. And so NOT real food!