FFTF #6 - A Bucket of Tomatoes

(Note: It's Food For Thought Friday. So TGI - FFTF!! Today I have asked Mato to share this very special tasty bit about my tomato experiment. This is so exciting because it looks like this may actually work. Though as you will learn - there was a slight bump in the road.)

Happy Friday, humans! My name is Mato -- pronounced "Mahto" as in "Potayto . . . Potahto . . . Tomayto . . . Tomahto . . . " But my name is actually the Sioux word for "bear". So nothing to do with tomatoes. I don't even know what tomatoes are. Except that my Mamma is quite proud of the one growing in a bucket on our deck.

After years of successfully tending an herb garden, my Mamma decided to venture into tomatoes.

My Mamma got the idea when she and  my Daddy toured the Elmwood Stock Farm, where they bought into a CSA (Community Support Agriculture) Program. The Farm offered free tomato plants. So my Mamma thought - "why not give it a go?"

Most of our yard is landscaped though. And the parts that are not -- serve as a playground for me and my brothers 😀  YAY - what fun!! Thanks Mom & Dad for giving us space to run and dig and chase squirrels up the trees!! But this was a dilemma, because where could she plant this tomato?

My Mamma did something called "Google". And found an article that explained how to plant tomatoes in a 5 lb bucket. So that's what she did. Funny thing though. She forgot to read the whole article. And did not realize that she needed to practically bury the plant in the bucket. She planted it like a herb, instead - just covering the roots with soil.

That first tomato plant died :-((( And after some initial sulking, she decided to try again with a new plant. Now - lo and behold: A bucket of tomatoes that are looking pretty good!! The bucket is rather unsightly though. So I'm sure she'll find a prettier one for next year.

Enjoy this slideshow. And when the tomatoes ripen, I'll be back to show more photos of these prize-winning gems.