21DSD - Reflections

Here we are, 3 days Post-21DSD. And we're starting our new challenge -- Finding a healthy space for sugar.

So just for kicks, here is my Daily Success Log Entry for August 8th (Day #1 Post-Detox). Note: Food portions are approximations. Veggies are local. Meat is local, 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised. Poultry & Eggs are local & pasture-raised:

  • Sleep Time & Quality: 6.5 hours.
  • Exercise: 5,798 Steps (2.3 Miles) and 6 Hours of Good Posture.
  • Mood & Energy: Excellent!!!
  • Breakfast: Frittata w/ Ground Beef, Heirloom Tomatoes & Avocado. 1/4-C Almond Flour, 1/2-tsp Baking Soda, 1-tsp Cream of Tartar.
  • Lunch: Leftover Steamed Green Beans w/ Meat Sauce (Small bowl)
  • Dinner: Meaty-Loaf w/ Shredded Cabbage, Carrots, Zucchini & Yellow Squash w/ Homemade Avocado Oil Mayo.
  • Snacks: Prosciutto Wrapped Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Fresh Basil from the garden & EVOO, Balsamic Drizzle.
  • Notes: We're back on track and feeling so fabulous 💪🏽  ðŸ’ªðŸ½  ðŸ’ªðŸ½ 

And here is my Daily Success Log Entry for August 9th (Day #2 Post-Detox):

  • Sleep Time & Quality: 5.5 hours.
  • Exercise: 8,162 Steps (3.2 Miles) and 11 Hours of Good Posture. Morning Walk w/ Tim & Boys. Iron Hour Yoga.
  • Mood & Energy: Excellent!!!
  • Breakfast: Leftover Frittata wedge w/ 1 Sausage Link & 4 slices of Bacon.
  • Lunch: Leftover Steamed Green Beans w/ Meat Sauce (Small bowl)
  • Dinner: Meaty-Loaf w/ Shredded Cabbage, Carrots, Zucchini & Yellow Squash w/ Homemade Avocado Oil Mayo.
  • Snacks: Granny Smith Apple w/ Almond Butter.
  • Notes: No sugar cravings. No carb cravings either!
Stack Bacon 07112016.jpg

So as you can see -- we're still kickin' sugar to the curb!! For breakfast his morning I fixed a special treat: Paleo pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup and bacon 😋 ðŸ˜‹ ðŸ˜‹ ðŸ˜‹ 

The pancake recipe is from Meals Made Simple. A cookbook by Danielle Walker -- another of my Paleo Goddesses who is the genius behind the "Against All Grain" Blog. I have tried many alternative flour pancake recipes (this uses a combo of almond and coconut flour). And this recipe has been the BEST!


Unfortunately, the recipe is only available in her book. Not on her Blog. But I highly recommend her cookbooks (and a 3rd to be released in September). I provide the Amazon Affiliate Product Links* below. If you are on the fence about whether to purchase any of these, then try some recipes from her Blog. Those are free.

Anywho -- these pancakes were off-limits during our 21DSD. Not because of the maple syrup drizzle, but the recipe uses honey. Which was a "No-Food" on our detox.

As I wrote earlier -- We're on a quest to find a healthy space for sugar. And one thing we're NOT going to do is smash our face into a bowl of sweet treats 💀 👎🏽🙅🏽 😶  Absolutely NOT!! We worked too hard to get to here. As Diane Sanfilippo (mastermind of The 21DSD) points out in her support materials -- after 21 days without sugar, a bender is ill-advised. Our blood sugar levels are reset much lower than before. So feasting on sweets may cause us to physically crash.

On the other hand -- We're not robots. We'll definitely reintroduce sugary delights at some point. But do this strategically. For instance, we know this weekend, we have a family birthday party to attend. So there are sugar and carbs and alcohol in our near future. But we want to be smart and mindful as we approach this event.

Obviously, until then, we're not going to indulge. When we do though -- We are going to practice mindful eating. This means eating with awareness and making sure that we are enjoying our choices. The way I see it -- Every bite is a new decision. So as I eat, I'll assess whether to continue. If I've had enough (because I'm full or have scratched the itch) or if I don't like what I chose (may sound good on the menu, but doesn't mean I'll like it) or if I start feeling bad (because the food doesn't agree with me or I feel too guilty). I'm going to stop.

And just because this will be a celebration doesn't mean I have to order totally off plan. If the mixed local greens speak to me -- more so than the fried whatever appetizer -- then I'm going to order the greens. And honestly, I am sure I'll opt for the greens 😋 👍🏽 🙋🏽

Because here's the thing. I knew going into the 21DSD, I would be recalibrating my habits and mindset. And I also knew that this detox would regulate my blood sugar levels. Both, I knew, would help get us back on the Real Food/Paleo train.

But what I didn't expect -- and Diane discusses this in the support materials. Is that my palate (taste buds) will change.  When we overload on sugary treats and bad carbs, our taste buds develop an increased tolerance for sugar and all the other bad stuff (excess salt, preservatives, etc). So when we recalibrate through a detox, our taste buds also readjust to enjoy healthy foods. Tasting the goodness in these foods -- Even the natural sweetness in foods we may have been eating. But couldn't taste because our palates were so dulled by the bad stuff.

And I found this to be true. Like the heirloom tomatoes I've been eating lately. They are in season and abundantly available. The other day, I detected a sweetness that I hadn't before. And it was a lovely, luscious, yummy treat that I hadn't expected. Yesterday, I ate a granny smith with almond butter. It was rich and creamy and a true delight.

I honestly don't crave anything other sweetness in my life right now. I have more clarity about my food ideology and believe that Food = Nutrition = Energy = Life. I am confident in my newfound ability to compartmentalize decisions into whether I am going to Eat for Energy vs. for pleasure/entertainment.

So that when I am faced with the "Carrot vs. Carrot Cake Dilemma" I'll make the right choice for me at that time. A friend asked me what I think may happen when I do eat dessert. I honestly don't know. I hope that if I make this choice, I will enjoy it. But if I don't. I want to stand on equal footing with sugar. Respect it's power. But summon my own power to push the food away. Being mindful that -- at that very moment -- I will be done!

Kick Sugar To The Curb!

Are you ready for a challenge? The 21 Day Sugar Detox is a great way to jump start your Real Food journey. For more information, please Click Here! I KNOW you can do this!!

And please feel free to Contact me with any questions. The 21DSD is such an excellent tool for your Real Food Toolbox that I decided to promote it as an Affiliate.*

If you decide to take this challenge, please let me know. I have received so much support and positive energy from you all. That I would like to return the favor :-)

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