21DSD - Day #10 (Weighing In)

10 Days of sugar-free living -- Done!

Here is my Daily Success Log Entry for July 27th. Note: Food portions are approximations. Veggies are local. Meat is local, 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised. Poultry & Eggs are local & pasture-raised:

  • Sleep Time & Quality: 6.5 hours.
  • Exercise: 14,473 Steps (5.7 Miles) and 4 Hours of Good Posture. Morning Walk w/ Tim & Boys, Walked 9 holes of Golf.
  • Mood & Energy: Excellent
  • Breakfast: Egg scramble w/ ground beef, sauteed chard & avocado
  • Lunch: Tuna Salad w/ Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Shredded Cabbage & Carrots. Homemade Avocado Oil Mayo.
  • Dinner: Ham Roast (2-1/2" slices), Massaged Kale Salad w/ Granny Smith Apples, Yellow Squash, and Toasted Walnuts. EVOO & Balsamic drizzle. Tomatoes & Cukes w/ Basil -- Seasoned w/ White Pepper, Pacific Sea Salt, EVOO & Sherry Vinegar. This was a special treat because the basil & tomatoes came from my garden! 
  • Snacks: 1/4-C Roasted Pistachios
  • Notes: Late lunch (2:30 pm). Was famished. But better late than never :-)

I am still combing through my research about sugar cravings. Rather than rush through everything, I want to take my time with this material. Because this is important information. So I'm going to keep at it. And hope to post about this topic very soon. In the meantime, here's more background about what motivated my Real Food journey.

My 5 Pound Decade

Apple Scale (Med).jpg

Tim & I started this journey in January, 2011. Although we were in pretty decent health, we didn't feel all that healthy. I also noticed my clothes were not fitting quite the same. I am not obsessed about weight -- I rarely weigh myself. But I am conscious about my weight as it relates to good health. And whenever my clothes start to feel a bit tight, I'll get on the scale to check.

Over the years my weight has followed a certain trend that I call "My 5 Pound Decade". I gained 5 pounds each decade since my 20's. The first 5 years, my weight fluctuated between the 5 pounds. And the last 5 years of the decade, those 5 pounds became a part of me. Mostly around my belly, hips, and thighs.

By January 2011, I was 45 (going on 46 in April of that year). I knew what to expect weight-wise for the rest of my 40's. And by this time, I had actually tipped the scales at 7 pounds heavier than my 30's decade. Also, while all of my health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) were within normal range. These were slowly creeping towards high-normal.

So I really just had enough!! I wanted to put a stop to all of this. I can't do anything about my age. But I did NOT want to keep gaining 5+ pounds every decade. And more importantly, I wanted to be in control of my health.

I wasn't sure what to do though. I lived a fairly active lifestyle: yoga, golf (walking the course most of the time), walked our dogs regularly. I was very disciplined about portion control. Eating until I satisfied my hunger, then stopped. And it was simply not realistic for me to add more exercise or be more restrictive with portions.

So the only thing left was to consider what we were eating. I thought we made pretty healthy choices. But I started a food journal just to be sure. It revealed so much about our eating practices. We ate most of our meals at home (I love to cook). However, many were "semi-homemade" with processed foods and lots of grain-based products. Veggies were scarce -- usually in the form of potatoes or lettuce-based salads.

We quickly zeroed-in on the processed foods. And decided to eliminate them entirely. Pretty drastic, huh? But we were determined.  We defined processed foods as any food that came from a package listing anything other than the whole food. So frozen fruits and veggies or freshly packaged ones were OK. As long as there were no extra ingredients. We avoided breads, pastas, rice, refined sugars and food products that contained them. We also avoided potatoes just because we wanted to expand our palate with other veggies.

Veggies Colorful (Med).jpg

We ate fresh, whole foods. Nothing processed or refined. Mostly veggies - a variety of different ones too. We ate land and water meat (beef, pork, poultry, lamb, fish and seafood). But cut down on our portions. We discovered a whole new world of foods - bright, colorful, tasty, and healthy.

Little did we know then that we stumbled upon a whole new way of understanding and connecting with food. As we continued on this journey, I continued to read, research, and refine our approach. I also learned there was a term for what we were doing. We were following a Real Food ideology. And as they say . . . The rest is history!

Apple Scale Wave (Med).jpg

Fast forward to today when I am 51. My weight stabilized at 120 lbs - staving off the dreaded "5 Pound Decade". For a woman of my height (5'0"), the normal weight range is 98 - 128 lbs. And the normal Body Mass Index (BMI) range is 18.5 - 24.9. My BMI is 23.4. (Note: There is controversy about the accuracy of BMI, many health experts continue to rely on this as a useful tool to measure weight and health risks.) 

While on the higher end of the BMI range, I am, nonetheless comfortable with this weight. My transition to Real Food was more about gaining control of my health, rather than to loose weight. And my health numbers are all comfortably within normal. I feel fabulous about me and my health!

Simply put, finding Real Food changed my life.  And I started this Blog (soon to be a consulting business) to inspire and empower you find your BEST selves through Real Food too.

Our journey is still evolving. The 21DSD is evidence of that. If there is any wisdom to impart about our experience. Particularly with this detox Program. It is that set backs are not failures! Detours and mistaken turns happen to everyone. So don't despair or get discouraged. Recommit. Recalibrate. Get back on track. You can do this!!

Note: Read My Story to learn more about our journey: How we branched out with the Paleo Diet. And how we have comfortably settled between the Paleo and Real Food worlds.

Kick Sugar To The Curb!

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If you decide to take this challenge, please let me know. I have received so much support and positive energy from you all. That I would like to return the favor :-)

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