Introducing: Food For Thought Friday

I'm starting a series of Posts called "Food For Thought Friday" or because we live in a meme-ish society, "FFTF", if you will.

This is how the concept will work:

On Fridays I'll post a pithy nugget of an idea that is churning in my Real Food brain. This will just be a quick quip :

  1. An idea this is not fully developed, but a grain that may germinate into an article, OR
  2. An article that is currently in the works, but I need some help sussing out, OR
  3. An idea that just randomly pops into my head and that may or may not become anything at all, but want to share and see where it goes or whether or not it resonates, OR
  4. An idea inspired by comments on other published postings that sounds like it may be of interest and want to float it out to other readers to collect thoughts.

So the postings in this series will be meaty morsels to chew on, contemplate, and let me know your thoughts. Thumbs up or thumbs down . . . Yes, no maybe. . . Sounds good but I'm interested in this or that . . ., etc. Whatever is on your mind.

My goal is to help you find your way to Real Food, and to do this, I want to be responsive to your needs and questions. Your comments to these tidbits will help me prioritize and shape the direction and content of future postings. Yes - here at Realistic FoodEs, you, the readers have a voice. So how 'bout you give me an 'E' for Empowerment - YAY!!

This will also benefit me tremendously - as a good way to keep track of future content.

And since tomorrow (May 27th) is a Friday - there is no better time than the present (or near present, rather). So stay tuned for the First FFTF tomorrow. Please read, enjoy, give some thought and let me know.

Stay engaged and Keep eating Real!!