We have Lift-off!

I am pleased to announce that Realistic FoodEs is now a reality! YAY!!! With this post, Realistic FoodEs has officially launched!! I cannot believe I am really doing this, and Ouch! Just pinched myself, so no - this is not a dream. Or maybe this is this my worst nightmare?? I suppose time will tell.

But for better or worse and be that as it may, I have now put myself out there - in the blogosphere. And YIKES!!! For someone who was so proud to have a very thin social media presence, I am wading in some uncharted, unfamiliar and uncomfortable waters. Oh my - I can't even!! OK . . . Just breathe . . . J-u-s-t breathe. Serenity Now . . . S-e-r-e-n-i-t-y Now. OK, so let's just move on before I lose my nerve with this venture.

My name is Rowena Mahloch, and my Mission is to make Real Food accessible to everyone through Education, Engagement, and Empowerment. This is a Blog to promote a Real Food lifestyle. I've been practicing this lifestyle since January 2011, and it has changed the way I understand and connect with food. I now realize that food is not just about what I eat, but also a reflection of my values. So Realistic FoodEs is a manifestation of my journey and a platform to share this message and my experiences and hopefully inspire your Real Food journey.

If you want to start eliminating processed foods from your diet . . . If you want to start eating more Real Food - food that is unprocessed or minimally processed and sustainably farmed . . . If you want to understand what I just wrote because you have no idea what Real Food means :-) . . . If you want to start developing an effective self-care plan . . . if you want to follow a more socially responsible model for eating . . . If you've answered YES to any or all of these "ifs" or maybe you've tried to do some of these but ran into barriers . . . Then I invite you to join me on this blogging journey because I started Realistic FoodEs to help you!

And more importantly, I want to help you find the best way to fit Real Food into your life. A Real Food lifestyle is a challenge that is unique to everyones' personal situations. I discuss this concept in My Mission. So this is a good place to start learning more about Realistic FoodEs and start your Real Food journey.

Thank you so much for your interest and support. Now Let's Get Real!

Education + Engagement + Empowerment => Eat, Enjoy, Embrace Real Food!